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5 great albums I have as-of-yet failed to rip from CD to mp3 (and 7 others)

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Five albums that I own but somehow have failed to rip from CD:

  1. Beach Boys Pet Sounds
  2. Low Things we Lost in the Fire
  3. Beulah The Coast is Never Clear
  4. Mogwai Young Team
  5. Pedro the Lion The Only Reason I Feel Secure

Other albums that I missed ripping:
Creedence Clearwater Revival Chronicle Vol. 1
Rachel’s the Sea and the Bells
Mark Eitzel The Invisible Man
Beatles Let it Be
Matt Pond PA Green Fury
Modest Mouse This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About
Seam Headsparks

6 Responses to “5 great albums I have as-of-yet failed to rip from CD to mp3 (and 7 others)”

  1. Colin Says:

    How many CDs do you have? I stopped buying CDs awhile ago. I guess I’d rather have the CDs but finding CDs I want to buy in a store can be difficult and I don’t like to wait for them to ship from somewhere. So, I wind up downloading stuff from iTunes and eMusic. The nice thing about eMusic is that once you have downloaded a track, you’re entitled to download it again as many times as you want, so there’s no need to obsessively backup your MP3 collection. Maybe iTunes/RIAA could learn a lesson here.

  2. Urban Saddle » Blog Archive » The days are numbered Says:

    […] At any rate, the pros for an mp3 player outweigh the cons. It’d be great to have all your music in one portable place. I can have acces to all my music at my home, or the office, or the car (or my bike, but I’d be a little fearful of that). As Colin has touted, emusic seems to be a great service. And I just learned that you always have access to songs that you purchase via their website. So, you don’t have to worry about archiving your music. […]

  3. adrian Says:

    I probably have on the order of 500 these days, maybe more. I like CDs. I like albums.

    I luckily have a few really great record stores in the area.

    I keep buying CDs, at least in part, because it’s both better and easier to play CDs over the air at the radio station than mp3s.

  4. Colin Says:

    From your days in the Boston area, can you recommend any CD stores other than Newbury Comics? Any in Cambridge?

  5. adrian Says:

    I bought most of my CDs in Boston at Newbury Comics, those two used CD stores on Newbury St and at shows. I like Newbury Comics a lot. For the size of their stores they have a really good selection and usually decent prices.

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    […] green spark. Hence, the shocked face. Unfortunately, Google is not that smart (yet). Adrian wrote a post about never ripping this album to mp3s. I never ended up finding a decent, high res image of […]

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