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indie rock concert drinking game

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1 drink (sip) if:

  • any member of the band says “thank you” or “thanks”
  • the band asks you to applaude for the opening act
  • the band illicits applause by mentioning the headlining act
  • the band mentions the name of the town the concert is in
  • each time you see someone wearing a winter hat inside
  • each time you see someone wearing a hoodie or jacket inside
  • the band says “this is a song about…” or something to that approximation

2 drinks if:

  • a tall guy stands right in front of you
  • the band is selling something hand-made at the merch table
  • the band mentions drinking or buying alcohol
  • the band responds to someone yelling from the audience
  • the band ironically covers a mainstream song

3 drinks if:

  • band asks for a place to sleep while on stage
  • an audience member buys the band something to drink
  • the band gets in an argument with a heckler
  • the band seriously covers a mainstream song
  • the band covers a song by another act on the bill

Am I missing any here?

announcing! online mix tapes, vol. 2

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It is mid-August 2006 and as such, it’s time for another online mix tape.

You can download the zip file with the following:
1. mp3s of the songs
2. liner notes
3. playlist files (iTunes txt file and an mpu file)

(for the iTunes file, simply import all the songs to your library and then go to file->import and then select the song list. you should now have the 2006august playlist in your iTunes with all the songs in the correct order).

If you want to read the liner notes before downloading the whole thing, they’re here. This one has ditties by the Decemberists, David Bazan, the Long Winters, Danielson and many more!

Adrian’s August 2006 mix tape [zip file] [moved to password-protected folder]

This’ll be up for a limited time (~1 week) before being moved to a password protected folder.

If you like the artists or songs, I suggest supporting them by buying their music, going to a show, buying merchandise from them or at least telling other people about them.

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