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I miss this hat

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I wore it (purchased September 2006) until it was fell apart. If you ever see one, buy it and I’ll pay you back.

Update: I found out that the style is called a Hooley Hat. It’s by New Era. I can’t find the Oakland Athletics version of it, though. Maybe it’s only available at the stadium (where I bought the original hat).


another tip: how to iron a shirt

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In the general progression to slowly becoming an adult I’m ironing shirts more often. The above video, from shirt maker TM Lewin, helped me become both better and quicker at ironing. I’ve been using this method for a few months and it’s definitely better than my non-method before.

TW Lewin also has videos on how to press (iron) trousers and how to fold shirts.


two years

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Two years ago today I arrived in South Africa.

I’m working on a longer essay about South Africa that I was hoping to have finished by today, but I don’t, so I’ll have to share that with you another day.

I wanted to at least mark the day, though. It’s been a strange, unexpected and often wonderful two years.

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