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I wrote this poem a few months ago but forgot to post it before

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I was all excited because I saw I’d gotten an email
but it was from me
the one I just sent

I don’t mean to brag, but I think it displays a lot of promise.


bay area gets google transit

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Almost a year and a half after Pittsburgh got it, Google Transit is now available for the Bay Area.

We had 511’s Transit Trip Planner already but–let’s face it–google’s going to do it better.


SF is just crazy

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Zante’s Indian Food and Pizzeria. I went here on Saturday. Tandoori Chicken Pizza doesn’t necessarily sound like it’ll work, but it does and really well. It’s really tasty and their drinks are cheap too. I’ll take every one of you (that I actually know) there when you visit. (Note: this is only an offer to take you there, not to pay and in fact, I think this trade seems more fair: I introduce you to a great restaurant, you pay.)

SFist points to a Eater SF article about and summarizing points in a NY Times article about over-legislation in SF. SF is pretty crazy it turns out. Here are some of the points:

  • Business owners must offer health care, typically a rarity in the restaurant industry except for managers, to all employees.
  • Employers must offer 9 days sick leave to all employees.
  • Chain restaurants must post nutritional information for all menu items.
  • Minimum wage is $9.36, more than $3.50 above the federal rate, and will increase next year.
  • Plastic bags are banned from supermarkets, Styrofoam containers banned at all “food outlets.”
  • The Board [of Supervisors] wants to fine stores and restaurants that sell items with high fructose corn syrup.
  • The Board proposed to prohibit new liquor stores within 500 feet of churches or recreation centers.
  • The Board proposed to require permits and insurance for events including weddings, parties, and benefits.
  • The Board proposed to fine office buildings that leave their lights on overnight.
  • The Board proposed to make all lobbyists wear name tags when doing business.

Some of those I don’t care about: no plastic bags, fine. High minimum wage–doesn’t make any difference to me and it’s expensive to live here.

But other…I prefer products without corn syrup and sometimes go to lengths to avoid them but is it really the place of gov’t to ban them? I mean, this seems like a bit step beyond NYC. Trans fat by many accounts is very very bad for you. Fine, ban it. Corn syrup probably isn’t great but are there studies that show it to be the worst thing ever? (What I’ve read is pretty inconclusive.)


coining new words (some of which already exist)

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involves connecting two or more distinct computer networks or network segments together to form an internetwork (often shortened to internet), using devices which operate at layer 3 of …

But don’t you think it should mean networking on the internet? Internet networking–>internetworking! You know Linked In and things like that. Makes perfect sense to me. Let’s reclaim the word for its new use.

A subset of that could be interblogworking, for blog-to-blog networking.

Past words I may or may not have coined:


radio show

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Here’s my show today if you want to listen.

I Once was Canadian – 4-15-08(mp3)

And here’s the playlist.

at some point I really loved corduroys

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I think this is how it went:

  1. start liking corduroys
  2. start buying corduroys
  3. stop wearing corduroys
  4. [time passes]

  5. stop buying corduroys

As a result, when I was unpacking this last time, I discovered many corduroy pants, including a couple pairs with their tags on still.

Amazing! product works as advertised!

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I buy fresh bread. It used to go stale. I bought a bread box. Now it stays fresh longer. Amazing!


shorties/ link round-up

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Here’s an interesting article in the NY Times about the juxtaposition of ridiculous way the Red Sox take money from their fans and the pureness of Fenway. Pretty interesting.

Here is a list of the top 50 sketches ever. There are some funny ones on there.

Merlin Mann has a new weblog to add to the 50 other web presences he has. There’s some funny stuff on there.


shopping cart escalator! awesome!!

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I’ve been to the Bed Bath & Beyond on 9th St. a couple times to get things for my new place. It’s ok, but one thing leaves me with a dropped jaw is their shopping cart escalator. It’s a pretty nice mechanism that catches the wheels with little pegs that pull out of the way at the top.

crappy cell phone photo

It appears to be the same model as the one in this video I found:

It’s like some curved escalators I’ve seen in Hong Kong and Macau. Those things are pretty sweet too.


I think I was born a lathe man

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When learning machining, turning parts on a lathe seemed so graceful and intuitive[1] whereas milling seemed much more cold and, well, machine like.

But after that initial time, I’ve had much more opportunity to mill than to lathe and so I’ve become very comfortable on the mill, to the point where I can do many things automatically. Today for the first time in a couple years, I used the lathe again. It was like coming back to a town you used to call home, that same very familiar feeling.

[Update: note added]

[1] Its overall intuitiveness didn’t stop me from confusing the r and z axes on three hours sleep once or twice.


my radio show is now Tuesdays 3-5pm PST

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My radio show has now been scheduled for Tuesdays 3-5pm PST, that’s 6-8pm Eastern.

You can listen at 90.1FM or online.

Also of note: those streams have been updated so that you should be able to listen from behind firewalls and the such. Try them again if you haven’t in a while.

boom! done!

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I finished and efiled my taxes. I always feel (perhaps irrationally) happy and proud when I’m done. I do things that are quite a bit harder–in absolute terms–and I don’t nearly feel as accomplished when finishing them.

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