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The other day, I saw a ThumsUp! while eating at an Indian restaurant. I decided to have it with my Desi chicken flatbread wrap.

This is my rating:

It tasted old timey–like Coke with sugar or Pepsi Retro. I like that old time taste!



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Two postcards were in my mailbox yesterday.

  1. One from my friend Gums from Darjeeling and addressed to me, San Francisco
  2. One from Donegal address to Stockton-on-Tees ,Cleveland. That’s not even in this country! How did it get here? To me? I can think of no reasonable explanation.



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Don’t read on if you like knowing things and you don’t have time to waste. Seriously, Colin, stop reading.

Via Ken Jennings’ blog is Sporcle a trivia-set game site. It has games where it asks you to name anything from the planets to Time people of the year.

I did as expect in some and worse than I expected in others. I got all the US States but blanked on much of the Balkan region in the countries of Europe. (And West Africa is hard).

I did much better on the MLB teams than the NFL.



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I’m going to my first (regular season Steelers game in Pittsburgh) on December 28. Woooo.

the quiet

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26th and Noe: I like the city for having things around and it’s quieter than Taipei. But I miss the quiet sometimes. At a touch after midnight, it’s quiet here, so quiet that I could think I was in a different city. But I’m only a few blocks away from louder blocks.

26th and Guerrero: It’s getting louder now.


agreeing with my mom before she can say anything

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I literally groaned when my alarm when off this morning. Time to get more sleep, I think.


recent photos

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Andy trying to slap me with his tie makes me really happy:

Trying to practice portraits, this was what I could find to be my subject:

For Colin, the only thing I could find (besides myself) to be my subject was the 2004 roadtrip bobblehead mascot:

I like this poster I’ve been seeing in my neighborhood. “No more!”

Wandering around Chinatown reminds me of Taipei:

My philly photoalbum and ghm.


Announcing! May 2008 Mixtape (vol. 21)

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Only marginally late with this one.

You can download the zip file with the following:
1. mp3s of the songs
2. liner notes (pdf)
3. playlist files (iTunes txt file and an m3u file)

(for the iTunes file, simply import all the songs to your library and then go to File->import and then select the song list (the txt file). you should now have the 2008may playlist in your iTunes with all the songs in the correct order).

If you want to read the liner notes before downloading the whole thing, they’re here. This one was pretty easy to put together–just sort of made sense. There’s a number of soul tracks I’ve been enjoying by people like Sam Cooke and Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd St. Band. There’s also a handful of indie tunes from old favorites (Low, Mogwai), newish favorites (Fanfarlo, the Morning Benders) and a few that are pretty new to me (Lykke Li). Enjoy!

Adrian’s May 2008 mix tape (rapidshare link [1])

If you like the artists or songs, I suggest supporting them by buying their music, going to a show, buying merchandise from them or at least telling other people about them.

[1] If you’re having trouble with the rapidshare link, here’s what you do, step-by-step. 1) Click on the link. 2) scroll down and click “FREE” 3) wait till the counter gets to zero 4) enter the letters in their graphic into the box 5) click “download”


what did I do wrong?

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My friend Dave (not this one) found this in the Palo Alto Daily News and cut it out.

I thought it was pretty funny.


[I feel it sort of stands alone, but if you really want to read Abby’s response you can find it here.]


now that was exciting

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I’ve been following the hockey playoffs and I’ve been pretty happy with how the Pens were doing, but I haven’t be particularly engaged by the proceedings. Well, until tonight. Tonight I got a lot of cardiovascular exercise just sitting around and it was an exciting one.

The Pens were ahead two goals only to fall behind one well into the third period. They pulled their goalie and tied it up with 34 seconds left!

Then it’s sudden death overtime. They played pretty poorly but the 23 year old goalie for the Pens was playing immaculately. It was amazing what this guy was stopping. He’s a Jedi.

Second overtime and the pens played better but it still ended tied. Everyone’s exhausted at this point. Players were being knocked over and then having a hard time just standing up again.

The game went into the third overtime and both teams are just playing all out with anything they have left. The game started almost five hours before. Finally there’s a power play for the Pens and the guy who’s injured and hasn’t played since the third period comes back out. A guy who called it–who pointed at himself and said he’d get a goal earlier in overtime–scores the goal to end the game.

Oh benny what an exciting game. Unbelievable.


Morgan Freeman

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just should narrate everything ever.

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