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ice cream hob nob sandwich

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ice cream hob nob sandwich

Last night I put ice cream between two Hob Nob milk chocolate digestives. It was incredible.

Some days I have no choice but come to the conclusion that I’m the smartest person alive.



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I bought a bike this week. It’s road bike, a few years old. It runs well. I’m going to modify the set up a bit to make it more into an around-town bike, but I’m liking it so far.

(I’m definitely getting rid of the red bar tape.)


bike 2

bike 3


oh yeah

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I never mentioned this. It’s a start.


just looking around

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It’s appropriate to say “I’m just looking around” in response to “Can I help you?” in just about any store, except hardware stores. You should always be looking for something in a hardware store unless you want funny looks. If you don’t have something in mind, I suggest “picture hooks.”


cutting series

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I got new scissors today. The packaging is marked “Cutting Series.” I wonder what other series of scissors they have?


still sometimes I forget

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Two instances:

  • A couple weeks ago, running late for lunch with the friend, I parked at the wrong restaurant, so went to get back into my car to drive to the right one. I got in the left front seat and looked for the steering wheel.
  • A few days ago, distracted by a whole host of things, I made a left on red. That is not legal in South Africa.


remember that time?

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Remember that time I wanted to get new underwear and I couldn’t find where to get the ones I wanted. I went to Macy’s and Nordstrom’s and all those places and you said, no, you should just try Walgreen’s. I said, no, no, Walgreen’s won’t have them! I mean, Walgreen’s!

And then I found them at Walgreen’s?

That was funny.

right to the finger

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A runner got arrested for flicking off SA President Jacob Zuma.

Maxwele was jogging on Cape Town’s De Waal Drive just before 6pm last Wednesday when a convoy of six government cars sped past him.

“I waved them away, as if to say ‘hamba’, because of the noise. After that a black BMW X5 pulled up and three guys jumped out, pointing guns at me,” Maxwele told Sowetan.

Say you want about the current or past US administrations but I think they would at least respect one’s right to flick them off.


adventures in cape town living

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Part 1: It’s raining on my plants. This wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t in my room. My hats—I have a collection, six, hanging by my plants—are also getting wet. The carpets. But no electronics. That’s good. The hallway above was flooded by the cleaning lady. She is coming down to clean up the mess. No big damage.

Part 2: I took a minibus taxi for the first time in Cape Town today. (I’ve taken them in rural areas before.) They’re pretty easy: just flag one down, get on, pay the fare and then tell them where you want to get off. They usually have a two person team: the driver and the shouter. Well, I’ll call him the shouter—he shouts out the destination and also takes your fare. On the way back, the shouter’s line was “Cape Town! Waterfront! Table Mountain! 2010!@” I laughed at this along with some of the other passengers.


favorite way to nap

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I’ve realized recently that my favorite way to nap is the following, which overtook dozing on the couch while watching TV:

  • on my bed, at a slight angle across it
  • on top of the covers
  • feet hanging off the end and head below the pillows
  • arms folded under my head

Who knows why.


take off

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I’ve seen very few of the Superbowl ads but I liked this NFL ad with music from the Arcade Fire.


Super ball

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Odd things about watching the Super Bowl outside of the country:

  • None of the commercials. Well, there were commercials but they were all EPSN’s own commercials about its programs. They repeated often—there are lots of commercial breaks during the Super Bowl—and got old quickly.
    • The announcers for the ESPN International broadcast were different than the ones for the US (CBS?) broadcast. Big differences:

    • They referred to the sport as “American Football”.
    • They explained many more rules than the normal American broadcasts do, including ones that seem quite obvious to me. They also explained what a “slot receiver” was. Despite this they left unexplained many other football terms, guards “pulling”, names for routes, various penalties, and intricacies of various positions.

So that was strange. But it was a fun game! Go team!

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