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album a day

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Colin pointed the Album-a-Day project. It looks pretty cool. I remember Jesse and I were going record an album in a weekend once. That never happened.

see also: the covers contest


overdue: covers contest #13 entries

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Entries for covers contest #13 were due on Tuesday. I finished mine Monday but was waiting for other to come in. Dave says he has one recorded.

The original, to remind you, was You Can’t Hurry Love by the Supremes.


I’ll set up voting and put Dave’s up if he ever gets it online.

I recorded mine while hoarse from yelling during last week’s game. I’m not particularly happy with it.

I haven’t really enjoyed the covers contest for a while and I don’t think I’m getting much out of it anymore. Add that to the fact that we’re not getting three entries any week and it’s about time to shut this thing down, so this will be the last of the covers contest, quite possibly forever. Thanks to all that listened and voted on the songs.

[Update: Dave finally got his cover online. It is posted and linked to above.]


covers contest #13

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The cover for two weeks from today is Can’t Hurry Love by Diana Ross and the Supremes (original).

Of course you can remind yourself of the rules of the covers contest if you forget.


covers contest #12 entry, #11 results

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This post could also be titled “a study in lameness.”

The cover song for this week was Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead (Original). The entry in the covers contest is:

I tried a few things but nothing worked out when I was recording.

The results for the covers contest #11 voting (the song was Continuous Hit Music by American Analog Set) were:

Adrian 3
Dave 0
Andy 2

Most Original:
Adrian 3
Dave 0
Andy 1

I’m a big winner! Because only have has an entry for this week, I’m not going to reset the polls.

I’ll announce the song for contest #13 either sometime next week or early 2006.


covers contest #11 entries, #12 announcement, #10 results

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We have 3 entries in this week’s covers contest. The original, as you may recall, was “Continuous Hit Music” by American Analog Set.

Here are the entries:

After you’ve listened to all of them, you may vote on the best and most original versions.

The song for next week will be “Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead (Original). It was Dave’s turn to pick.

I guess those covers will be due Monday December 19 at midnight local time.

The results of the voting for last cover (“Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson) were as follows:
Adrian 1
Dave 5

Most Original:
Adrian 2
Dave 4

Congrats to Dave on both.


“continuous hit music” due in less than a week

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Just a quick reminder that the the cover for covers contest #11, continuous hit music is due next Monday at midnight.

Get yours done now, or get psyched to hear a new set of covers.


covers contest #10 entries

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As I announced a couple weeks ago, we are restarting the covers contest. Today the first entries are in.

This week’s cover was Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson (Original).

The entries:

(Andy’s may come later.)

I found this a pretty challenging song to do a cover of. Basically what I found I had to do was listen to it a few times and then not think about it for about a week and a half and then record my version.

After you’ve listened, please vote for the best and most original cover versions.

Update: Andy’s announced the next song, for cover’s contest #11. It’s Continuous Hit Music by American Analog Set (Original). Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, we’ll have three weeks for this so entries will be due December 6, 2005.


Covers contest #10 announcement

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That’s right, it’s a return of the cover’s contest, with some slight changes.

A reminder of the rules and the changes thereto:

  1. Andy, Dave or I are the lead for the week. The lead picks the song to cover for the week. The lead rotates every week.
  2. Anyone may submit covers. They are due two weeks after the start of the contest. (Note the change!)
  3. There will be voting each week on the best cover and most original covers for the week.

The idea behind having two weeks to do covers isn’t, in my mind, really to spend more time on the cover, but to have more time for other things.

I also want to have a little bit each week about why the lead has chosen that song.

And now, the cover for contest #10
This week’s song is Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson (Original).

What Adrian has to say about Smooth Criminal:

I know this song so well and I’ve heard it so many times and yet I don’t know it at all. My understanding of the lyrics is completely wrong.

Submissions for this contest will be due by midnight (local time) Monday, Nov. 14.


covers contest #9 results

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The song for last week was Photobooth by Death Cab for Cutie.

The votes went like this:
Best Cover:
Adrian 3
Dave 2

Most Original:
Adrian 0
Dave 5

Congrats to Dave and me.


covers contest, entries #9, results #8

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Alright kiddos, here we go.

The entries in the Covers Contest for this week’s song, Photobooth by Death Cab for Cutie (Original):

Listen and vote for the best and most original cover.

The results for last week’s contest, the original for which was Matter by boom bip:
Best cover:
Adrian 0
Andy 1
Dave 2
Jesse 4

Most Original:
Adrian 1
Andy 0
Dave 0
Jesse 6

Good job, Jesse.

One last announcement for this post: We’ve decided to take a break for a bit. We may be back in a few weeks. Dave didn’t seem to have trouble finishing these but I’ve been scheduling my weeks around these because they take me a lot of time and Andy’s been having trouble getting them done, as you may have noticed. Hopefully you’ll see some original output from the three in the near future as well. If anyone would like to make their own cover contest with themselves, I’ll post a link to the result, just let me know. I can even pick a song for you to cover, if you’d like.

There’ll be a covers contest post next week to recap the results from the voting this week.


Covers contest #8 entries, #7 results, #9 song

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This week’s cover contest was for the song Matter by boom bip (Original)


*I’d like to note that this one is not in stereo. It was done with one mic—banjo and vocals at the same time—all the way through, no overdubs or patch-ins.

Listen and vote for the best and most original cover. We have lots of entries this week so lots of votes would be good!

The results for last week’s cover of Consequence by the Notwist were:
Adrian 3
Dave 0

Most Original:
Adrian 3
Dave 0

Not that many votes but a clear mandate for ME. weeeeeeeeeeeee

The song for next week is Photobooth by Death Cab for Cutie (Original)


covers contest #7 entry, #6 results, #8 song

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The cover for this week was Consequence by the Notwist. (Original version).

Here are the entries so far:

*best with headphones or stereo, like usual.

Andy may have one to add tonight. If you want to hold off voting for mine until you’ve heard his as well, that’s okay.

You may listen and vote.

Covers contest #6 Shape of My Heart by Backstreet Boys
Best Cover:
Adrian 2
Andy 2
Dave 3

Most Original Cover:
Adrian 4
Andy 3
Dave 0

Looks like Dave and I squeezed out narrow victories. Thanks for the votes!

Andy was also the chooser for this coming week’s song (cover’s contest #8) so currently we have no song for next week. This may be the end of the cover’s contest.

Update 1: The song for cover’s contest #8 is the Matter by boom bip (with Nina Nastasia) (Original).

Update 2: Added Dave’s cover above.

Update 3: Andy’s not doing a version of “Consequence” so go ahead and vote. I’ve gotta stop being nice and make the deadline the deadline.

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