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on diet sodas

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Normally I drink diet dr. pepper. It’s borderline good. It’s not regular dr. pepper but it’s pretty good still.

I tried coke zero last week. It’s drinkable. It’s better than diet coke with splenda.

Yesterday I bought a bottle of diet berry and cream dr. pepper because they were out of diet dr. pepper. It’s just weird. I’d recommend against it.

we’ve noticed that…

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[note 1: I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a memoir of my time at MIT. I’m going to start posting some stories here as sort of a test bed. I don’t have a writing voice, much like I don’t have a singing voice, but I hope to find one.]

[note 2: What follows is, admittedly, a bit creepy, but it is not stalking nor was it ill-received by the parties involved.]

It was the Fall of 2001 and I was freshly a junior. A number of my friends had left MIT to live in and go to the other Cambridge across the pond. September 11 obviously hung heavily over that semester. I was taking a class in world music with the incredible George Ruckert along with the normal engineering classes and an incredibly hard German class (“Read this scene and memorize this speach from Faust by Thursday…”) with a woman named Dagmar which I eventually dropped after a month of struggle. I was living in 52 with Jesse which has a whole host of separate stories associated with it, but for now I’ll recount the story of the Lia Incident.

weird celebrity sighting

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So I saw George Lucas before, but this really takes the cake for celebrity sightings.

I was just finishing up my Wednesday night bowls at the Palo Alto Lawn Bowls Club and who walks in but Steve Jobs. He sat and talked with another guy while watching the bowl for about 25 minutes and then got up and left. He pretty much kept to himself but talked to a couple members when they approached him.

The crappiest picture ever of him leaving (he’s the one in black):

I like this hat. I like this shirt.

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I like this hat ($12, street vendor, the Strip District). I like this shirt ($0.99, Mission Thrift Store, the Mission).

I’ve been posting a lot of pictures of me recently. I’ll get back to substantive posts eventually. Maybe.

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