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This week in SF Muni Project

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Powell-Mason Cable Car

I thought I’d give you an update on my SF Muni Project–my project to ride all the bus, light rail, street car and cable car lines in the San Francisco Municipal Railway system.

California Cable Car

Since the beginning of the project I’ve ridden the 26 Valencia, 67 Bernal Heights, J Church, 21 Hayes, Powell-Mason and California cable cars, 19 Polk, L Taraval and 28 19th Ave. I’ve sort of been setting some rules as I go: I have to ride each line for a certain number of stops, maybe 6. I’m not absolutely sure on that point. Also, I can’t drive to take a bus line. I need to walk or take public transit or something like that.

California Cable Car

Cable Cars How did it take me this long of living in the area to ride these? They’re awesome. I’m a big fan. I managed to ride when they weren’t that busy with tourists so it was just sort of a pleasant ride on the old, open-aired cars of the system. Fun fact: the California Street line grows out of the one that Leland Stanford started.

19 Polk

None of the other lines were quite as exciting. The 67 is fun in that it winds through a hill neighborhood with tiny streets. And on the 26 Valencia, the automated stop announcements say it “Valencha”–like the old-school Missionites, particularly the Italian-American ones apparently say.

L Taraval

L Taraval


project: the muni lines

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14 Mission
the 14 Mission

So I’m thinking it might be a fun project to ride all the Muni bus, lightrail and cable car lines. As you can see below, I have ridden a decent number but I have plenty to go.

I’ve decided that all iterations of one number count as one line; for instance, 14/ 14L and 14X all count as one line. I’m not sure about some of those 80-somethingX shuttle lines. We’ll see if they count.

Here’s the list of the lines, crossing out the ones I’ve ridden.

  • F-Market & Wharves*
  • J-Church
  • KT-Ingleside/Third Street
  • L-Taraval
  • M-Ocean View
  • N-Judah*
  • S-Castro Shuttle
  • 1-California
  • 2-Clement
  • 3-Jackson
  • 4-Sutter
  • 5-Fulton
  • 6-Parnassus
  • 7-Haight
  • 9-San Bruno
  • 10-Townsend
  • 12-Folsom / Pacific*
  • 14-Mission*
  • 16*X-Noriega * Exp
  • 17-Park Merced
  • 18-46th Avenue
  • 19-Polk
  • 20-Columbus
  • 21-Hayes
  • 22-Fillmore
  • 23-Monterey
  • 24-Divisadero*
  • 26-Valencia
  • 27-Bryant*
  • 28-19th Avenue
  • 29-Sunset
  • 30-Stockton
  • 31-Balboa
  • 33-Stanyan*
  • 35-Eureka
  • 36-Teresita
  • 37-Corbett
  • 38-Geary
  • 39-Coit
  • 41-Union
  • 43-Masonic
  • 44-O’Shaughnessy
  • 45-Union/Stockton
  • 47-Van Ness**
  • 48-Quintara – 24th Street*
  • 49-Mission-Van Ness*
  • 52-Excelsior
  • 53-Southern Heights
  • 54-Felton
  • 56-Rutland
  • 66-Quintara
  • 67-Bernal Heights
  • 71-Haight-Noriega
  • 74x-Culture Bus
  • 76-Marin Headlands
  • 80X-Gateway Express
  • 81X-Caltrain Express
  • 82X-Presidio Express
  • 88-B.A.R.T. Shuttle
  • 89-Laguna Honda
  • 90-Owl
  • 91-Owl
  • 108-Treasure Island
  • Powell-Mason Cable Car
  • Powell-Hyde Cable Car
  • California Street Cable Car

*I’ve ridden these lines more times than I can remember.

**I’m 99.9% sure I’ve ridden this at least once.

Update 4/24/09 rode the 26 Valencia, 67 Bernal Heights and J Church. (also, realized that I’d ridden the J Church once before last May).

Update 4/26/09 rode the 21 Hayes for half a dozen stops.

Update 4/30/09 rode the Powell-Mason cable car, the California cable car and the 19 Polk.

Update 5/3/09 rode the 28 19th Ave and the L Taraval.

Update 5/20/09 rode the 30 Stockton.

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