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San Gregorio coast ride via Old la Honda and Tunitas Creek

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Yesterday I did the coast loop ride out to San Gregorio (stopping at the San Gregorio General Store for lunch) via Old la Honda and Tunitas Creek Road. The full map is here. I went with Dostal and a few of his friends, including a couple guys from the Campus Bike Shop. The total ride is about 45 miles and 4200 feet of climbing.

Thoughts on the ride:

  • You shouldn’t rush up the first climb, Old la Honda. Pace yourself, unlike me. I went up 3.5% slower than my best time. Oops
  • W. Old la Honda’s a fun descent
  • 84 has a couple construction zones with severe bumped. I was sure I broke a spoke when I accidentally went over one of them. They are avoidable if you pay attention.
  • Stage Rd. is sort of steep but fairly short
  • The part down the PCH by Tunitas Beach is incredible. You’re going 40mph and it’s a gorgeous view.
  • Tunitas Creek Rd. hurt a lot. It’s about 6.2 miles of climb. Shallow for 1 mile, then pretty steep for 2 (that’s the hurting part; and I didn’t realize I could go that slow on a bicycle without falling off) and then quite shallow for another 3.
  • Having a bunch of professional bike mechanics on a ride with you is great when you get a flat 30-some miles into a ride. Thanks Parker!
  • Then it’s a quick descent down King’s Mt, through Woodside and up Sand Hill. The bit up Sand Hill hurt because I was pretty fatigued.
  • having a happy birthday balloon tied to your bike for 45 miles sort of sucks but people will wish you happy birthday when passing
  • the Dutch Goose is a good of a place as any for post-ride drinks, burgers and chatting in there outside patio area

Talladega Nights @ Capitol Drive In

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I went to see Talladega Nights with andyl at the Capitol Drive In the other night.

We had a hilarious mix up with the screens (“How come the sound doesn’t match up to the screen? [rolling down window] Excuse me, what movie is this?” “Barnyard” “Oh crap, we’re at the wrong screen”) After that we got to the right screen and everything was sorted out.

The movie was pretty funny. It was no Little Miss Sunshine, but I laughed a lot. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly were both good. This movie isn’t going to make you smarter or a better person, but it’s entertaining.


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