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nyc2: tourism

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I was a bit of a tourist in NYC.

Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Empire State Building require standing in security lines. The Brooklyn Bridge is monitored. This is a different age we live in.

The Bridge was pretty cool to walk across. I like that the walkway is suspended and in the middle of the bridge. It’s a cool thing to do, to walk across it. The east to west direction perhaps has better views, probably.

The Met is cool pretty much only in that it has a collection of baseball cards and it has Washington Crossing the Delaware (which is oft imitated by me).

The Guggenheim seems to be cool but I was unimpressed by Zaha Hadid’s work, which is the main exhibit currently.

The Cooper-Hewitt is the national design museum. It had paintings (about travel and tourism). Paintings are not design. Graphic design is design. Product design is design. Paintings are not design. I think I need to write a letter.

The Moma was cool. I liked the third floor (I guess) a lot: architecture, design and photography. The design section had what was supposed to be in the Cooper-Hewitt: lots of neat product design. The photography exhibit was great too.


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Claude Debussey?

Isn’t that some relation to Jerome Bettis?


nyc1: recap

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  1. Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island
  2. walking the Brooklyn Bridge (west to east)
  3. Grimaldi’s Pizza and Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory with Paul Koh of earbud clip fame
  4. wandering around [and purchasing foam headwear in] Chinatown and Soho
  5. aforementioned PowerDinner(TM) at Hallo Berlin with mim, liz, jdawg, perlick and qwdgbo


  1. Empire State Building
  2. pastrami and dr. brown’s at katz’s deli
  3. rye playland! with liz and later jonwerberg and helene [who, I’d like to make clear, despite earlier implications is no way a freak and whose school is only sort of a freak fest]

Wednesday [are you ready for it?]:

  1. B&H
  2. the Met, the Guggenheim, the Cooper-Hewitt, and the Moma
  3. watched a taping of Conan with jweberg and liz
  4. pizza in Williamsburg [/Greenpoint?], Brooklyn with Jens Lekman in the catty-corner booth with the above plus mim
  5. Jens show at Soundfix Records with the above
  6. drinks at d.b.a. with the above
  7. a savanna dry cider with jdawg back in the bronx

foam products

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Man, who invented open cell polyurethane foam? All the best souvenirs are made of it.

For instance: I got a foam Statue of Liberty crown after I went there on Monday:

And I got a sweet foam finger at the Pirates game the other day:

These are all the souvenirs I got for a three city east coast tour:

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