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annoucing! july 2008 mixtape (vol. 23)

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This one’s on time! Holy crap! Unprecedented!

You can download the zip file with the following:
1. mp3s of the songs
2. liner notes (pdf)
3. playlist files (iTunes txt file and an m3u file)

(for the iTunes file, simply import all the songs to your library and then go to File->import and then select the song list (the txt file). you should now have the 2008july playlist in your iTunes with all the songs in the correct order).

If you want to read the liner notes before downloading the whole thing, they’re here. This one’s sort of all over the show, but I feel like it’s a good one. It’s got some oldies and soul and old indie favorites and stuff I just found out about.

Adrian’s July 2008 mixtape (rapidshare link [1])

If you like the artists or songs, I suggest supporting them by buying their music, going to a show, buying merchandise from them or at least telling other people about them.

[1] If you’re having trouble with the rapidshare link, here’s what you do, step-by-step. 1) Click on the link. 2) scroll down and click “FREE” 3) wait till the counter gets to zero 4) enter the letters in their graphic into the box 5) click “download”


bart control panel

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For some unknown reason, it was open yesterday on the the car I was on.


5 years time

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It’s been just over five years since the road trip. I still go back and read through the travel log every year or so. . .


I think they missed the point

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Citibank, so far, has sent me two notices in the mail telling me when my paperless statement are ready to view online.


by far

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my favorite herb is basil. I’m a big fan. It’s a big reason I love san bei ji. It’s one of the reasons I love my salmon burgers with tomato, basil and feta.


twain didn’t say

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Mark Twain didn’t say “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”.

I think the notion is quite silly. I think the coldest winter I ever spent was 1993ish in Pittsburgh when it hit -22 degrees F and with completely clear roads they canceled school simply because they didn’t want kids standing outside in those temperatures. (The only thing better than snow days is really freaking cold days…and typhoon days.)

But it is chilly here for summer. I leave the house in the morning with a light jacket and yesterday that wasn’t enough. As the sun set at the outdoor afternoon concert, I found myself thinking about the heat lamps that I’d thought were silly earlier.


I know, you’re surprised

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I don’t know why I remember things like this sometimes.

One day when I was 10 or 12 my parents decided that I wasn’t getting enough protein with breakfast. I asked how I could get more protein. If they were so adamant about this, they should be able to come up with some things that were high in protein. Milk, yogurt, peanut butter, steak…

Wait…steak? I know it has plenty of protein, but breakfast?

And so my mom made me steak for breakfast everyday for a few weeks in 1992ish.

I had an odd childhood. I know: you’re surprised.

oh, right. of course.

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I live above a Peruvian restaurant. Not a lot of bad things about that (except the exhaust fan on Saturday mornings) and if I run out of food–hey, food downstairs.

A few weeks ago we went there to check the place out and say hi. I got pescado frito. You know, old school.

Anyway, we finished up and I’m at the register paying. There are these deserts with two soft, round, floury, sugary bits with a chocolate creme filling. Here’s the conversation:

Me: And could I get one of those.

Proprietress: sure

Me: And what are they called?

Her: Cookies.

Me: Oh…

I think I was swallowing my pride for much longer than I was swallowing the cookie.


down 10-2 in the 8th, the Pirates come back to win in the 10th

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If you haven’t seen the result, it’s pretty spectacular.

You can watch the video highlights here.

not everything good is on the todo list

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I only got a few things (out of many) done on my todo list today, but it did end up being a pretty good day:

I also just put away my laundry, so I only have about ten things to do tomorrow.

train tracks: a personal essay on a train tip across america

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[I posted this on my music blog a while ago and was just wondering why I didn’t also post it here. It is, after all, pretty personal.

It’s not uncommon for Americans to go over to Europe and ride the rails all over but most haven’t ridden this nation’s rails extensively.

From September 7 to 10, 2003, for three and a half days I rode trains from Boston to Emeryville, changing trains once, in Chicago. I moved to California on those trains. I had known Boston as home for four years and Pittsburgh before that. Three thousand miles away, the Bay Area was almost a complete unknown. It was to be a time of new friends, new living arrangements, new streets, a new school, new supermarkets, and a new barber. I left half a day after a friend’s wedding and leaving that wedding was sort of like my farewell moment for most of the people I counted as friends there. I got on board with an ipod with only a few hours of battery life, my laptop with even less, two suitcases, a guitar and a backpack.

I didn’t have a cell phone and the train rarely stopped for long enough to have meaningful contact with people outside the train. I was very isolated for those few days.

I wrote down some thoughts at the time, when I was on the train. A few distinctive names and details have been changed to protect the innocent and I edited some small sections to make it easier to read. The rest appears as typed at the time.

Vernon L Sutphin – Lost Train Blues (mp3)


Dido- “Thank you” (ha!)
my shoulder hurts like the dickens. I strained it getting my 75 lb. bag into the rack above my seat. I just remembered that I have vanishing scent ben-gay and I applied some. I hope it helps because right now I can’t move my right arm without it hurting. this happened in san torini too.

been reading some of naked by david sedaris. the first three or four pages are so amazingly annoying but then he settles into a style that is acceptable. he has these ticks that sound similar to those that the narrator has in motherless brooklyn. maybe he’s tourrettic.

they sell beer on trains. how about that? it’s also like $4.50. maybe I’ll get some in chicago and bring it onboard. I wonder if that’s allowed.

it’s remarkably quiet here. it’s so much quieter than a plane and it’s probably a bit quieter than a car. I have my headphones set to a level a little louder than I would in [my old room] 42 with a bunch of computers. the vibration isolation is not so hot though. walking toward the cafe car I basically fell into the wall because of some side-to-side shake.

Deer Tick – These Old Shoes (mp3)

I got out in Albany because they gassed up and added cars there so it was a half an hour stop. I should tell Am I’ve been to Albany. there’s this strangely shaped church tower right outside the train station. it reminds me of a rocket ship.


9:30 am (CST)
Bob Dylan – “When the Ship comes In”

we should be in Chicago, but we’re not. I don’t think we’re in South Bend yet either. oh well. I’ll have a couple less hours in Chicago. I’m going to try to hit the Art Institute of Chicago, get a pizza and check my email using someone else’s wireless.

the Impressions – People Get Ready (mp3)



geek time!

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I saw the craigslist headquarters in the the Inner Sunset yesterday. I was pretty excited.

Here’s my photo through the bus window. The ladies on the bus looked at me very strange for taking this photo.


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