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KEXP live music archive

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Holy crap. Forget KCRW’s Morning Becomes Electic on-air music archive (actually it’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t) because I’ve found the KEXP Live Performance Archive. It has some sweet stuff. Two Sufjan performances. And how about this? A Ben Gibbard live perfomance where he does both “You remind me of home” and an acoustic cover version of “This is the Dream of Evan and Chan” (DNTL song with Gibbard–a line-up which later became the Postal Service).

status symbol

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I beat out johnston on the links on Amrys’ blog. I can’t believe I r00l this much.

another of my teams

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The Steelers do it again. It looks like this year might be the year for the one for the thumb.

After the BoSox (who, incidentally, were just named the Sports Illustrated Sportsmen of the Year), the Steelers doing well, I’m happy.

1 good way to screw over your sleep schedule

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stay up all night, sleep intermittantly for the morning, sleep solidly from 1pm to 8pm.


tired thoughts from cincinnati/ northern kentucky airport

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I haven’t walked the tarmac to an airplane in america in a long time. today I did.

the body shop: cranberry is back!. I didn’t know it was gone. thanks for clearing that up.

orange juice doesn’t need ice people.

I was tired enough on the previous flight to just sort of wake up in cincinnati. I don’t know when I fell asleep. I’m not actually convinced that I remember much after getting on the plane.

whenever I’m on a plane. I always hope that every cute girl that gets on the plane wlil sit next to me. they don’t, but I assure you: if one did I’d do a great job of not talking to her.

reunion, mineo’s and a neverending night

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I’m at my gate to cincinnati. short flight there and then to sfo after a short intermission of sorts.

Last night was my 5 year high school reunion. In many ways it was exceedingly weird. I went down with andy, dave and randy. we stood awkwardly in the have-to-yell-over-the-music loud sports rock cafe. we played the who’s that? game and then talked to various people for a few hours. I talked to kirstin richardson, lekse, ben jewel, and kristen werner mostly. A few people didn’t recognize me at all. I guess I do look pretty different from high school.

we headed to mineo’s, a great tradition among us. it’s a classic greasy pizza joint that’s open late. kirstin met up with us there having left the reunion before us. we ate some pizza, drank some pop and–this is the best part and probably the keystone of the tradition–we read the City Paper and didn’t talk to each other besides reading sections of various articles aloud.

we finished off the night with half of the big lebowski at kirstin’s and then andy and dave crashing on my couches while I packed and showered. my mom and the two of them came to the airport with me to say bye.

good times. the reunion, I may remember as awkward, but this day I’ll remember as a good one– we did good on this one.


4 things I will be pissed if my mom throws out

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1. my boy scout uniform. it’s just one of those things that I’ve spent a lot of time on (not the uniform but earning the various patches). I guess it’s just important to me.

2. my soda can collection. I’ve got some sweet ones in there. do you remember crystal clear pepsi? of course you do. do you remember tropical fruit pepsi? yeah, I thought so.

3. my baseball card collection. it’s just one of those things that moms throw out and then is worth lots of money.

4. my yamaha electone yc-25d portable organ. this is one sweet keyboard.


lauren mix 5-2, review CDs

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I was recently finishing a mix CD for Lauren Owens to tide her over in her Peace Corps music vacuum. I had too much music for one CD and too little for two, so I quickly added some more for the second CD and sent it off. I’ve been listening to it the past few days and it is seriously good. It starts with some softer acoustic-like indie stuff, then transitions to indie rock, then to classic indie rock (mid-90s), then to indie pop, then to some (melodic) hip hop and finishing with an old-timey field recording.

Here’s the list:

  1. Red House Painters “Michigan” from Old Ramon
  2. Mark Kozelek “Metropol 47” from Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer
  3. Detachment Kit “Ricochet” from Of This Blood…
  4. Modest Mouse “The World at Large” from Good News for …
  5. Seam “Something’s Burning” from The Problem with Me
  6. Sebadoh “Magnet’s Coil” from Bakesale
  7. Superchunk “100,000 Fireflies” from Incidental Music 1991-1995
  8. Belle and Sebastian “Expectations” from Tigermilk
  9. Magnetic Fields “All My Little Words” from 69 Love Songs
  10. Beulah “Emma Blowgun’s Last Stand” from When Your Heart Strings Break
  11. Polyphonic Spree “One Man Show” from Together We’re Heavy
  12. Outkast (Big Boi) “Unhappy” from Speakerboxxx
  13. Flobots “Onomatopoeia” from Onomatopoeia
  14. Flobots “The Last Straw, Pt. 2000” from Onomatopoeia
  15. The Alabama Sacred Harp Singers “Hallelujah/ Amazing Grace” from Southern Journey Vol. 10, And Glory Shone Around – More All Day Singing from the Sacred Harp

I also got 7 CDs from KZSU to review; the goal is to finish them by the end of the weekend. Some really good ones from first listen:

  • Guided by Voices Half Smiles of the Decomposed [Matador]
  • American Music Club Love Songs for Patriots [Merge]
  • Jens Lekman When I Said I Wanted to be Your Dog [Secretly Canadian]
  • Adem Homesongs [Domino]
  • The Mendoza Line Fortune [Bar None]
  • Elizabeth Cotten Shake Sugaree [Smithsonian Folkways]
  • The Late BP Helium Amok [Orange Twin]

I’ll probably get small sample reviews of each up here when I finish them.


let your eyes droop

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I’m a maniac! I did some more GfJ stuff last night. This time I added a bridge section to the previous version of A Lullaby.


I am a myth, I am…

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I’ve been fiddling with a Greetings from Johannesburg (Dave Franusich and myself) song because I haven’t been satisfied with the sound. The new version is here. I don’t know how much difference is audible between that and the previous version on standard headphones or speakers.

It’s been a sort of frustrating process–trying to get these songs right.

I’ll try to get the rest of the GfJ songs up there soon. The ones I’m satisfied with I like a lot.


more like Zakir Insane

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Julee, Avni and I just saw Zakir Hussain play in San Jose. Originally he was schedule to play with Ali Akbar Khan, sarod master and guru-ji to my teacher Georgeji (George Ruckert), but Khansahib was sick, so it was just billed just as Zakir Hussain.

The first half had Alam Khan, 22 year old son to Ali Akbar, playing with Zakir. He performed well, but undoubtedly the same half with Khansahib would have been untouchable. The second half was Zakir performing accompanied by a violinist. He was mezmerizing. It’s really hard to describe the brilliance of his playing or the extent of his mastery.

Go see him sometime if you get a chance. And Ali Akbar Khan too.


a little rock, a lot of old-timey

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I did my show on Thursday. Here is the playlist. I started with some real indie rock, then went onto some softer stuff (indie pop, indie folk) and ended with a whole lot of old-timey music, mostly field recordings.

Last week I was making a mix CD last week for Christian Hiner, a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer of Lauren Owens’ that I met while I was in Tanzania, of old-timey field recordings because he is interested in ethnomusicology and the process got all this music into my head. So I took it out on the radio public.

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