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“the bowl”

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On Sunday, I bowled what was quite possibly the best bowl of as-of-yet short bowling career (at the PALBC of course). It will undoubtedly soon be called “the bowl”.

We were playing triples, so 3 per team, 3 bowls per person. I was playing vice with a very experienced bowler as my skip and a person of about my level playing playing lead. After the two leads had gone, they had 2-3 bowls clustered around the jack. My first two bowls were too wide (I “took too much grass”) and were short (“not enough weight”). Meanwhile, my opposing vice had added to the head, so there were now 4 shots closely clustered around the jack, probably within 1.5 feet of the jack with two very close in. (I’ve made an illustration below.) They were close enough that without something drastic happening, they would have ended the end with 4 points. .

It was my third and last bowl. Gordon, the skip, said “add some weight and bring it in a bit tighter” and pointed to the inside of the front left bowl indicating the path my bowl should take. I switched over to backhand and started my bowl.

Here’s what happened:

[click on the picture to get a full sized image]

Not only did I move the jack out of the head, but my bowl followed it another 8 or 10 feet out! Gordon and the other skip bowled their bowls and in the end we had 3 points instead of them having a sure 4 points. A swing of 7 points.

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  1. Colin Says:

    Nicely done. I love it when a plan comes together!

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