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Order of business 1: I installed the custom query string plugin. It has enabled me to change something that has been bugging me for a while: when you go into a month archive, or a category, or submit a search, it’ll show you all things that fit that instead of just the first 10.

It’ll make older posts easier to find. I’m not sure if anyone but me actually tries to find old posts, but there it is.

Order of business 2: I’m more or less sick of this theme. I like bit on the left side and the dates but the top is bad and most of the text formatting is bad. I’m going to look for new WordPress themes and see what I can find.

Order of business 3: I think I also need to update to WordPress 2.0 on this bad boy.

3 Responses to “blog-o-blog”

  1. libs Says:

    like when I type in “fluff,” now I can find the post I’m looking for?

  2. Patrick Says:

    Found any themes that you like yet?

  3. Urban Saddle » Blog Archive » Theme thoughts? Says:

    […] Like Adrian, I’m considering a new theme. What do people think of this one? It’s yellowhite3c. I like the simple, clean, minimalist design. Some of my concerns are a) the three columns for small-res monitors 2) the small typefont for the grandmothers (since that’s the largest demographic of my blog) and d) that it’s too plain and simple. […]

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