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this week’s playlist

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This week’s playlist.

I used to post my playlists almost every week. Did people like that or not? Yay or nay?

4 Responses to “this week’s playlist”

  1. G* Says:

    Yo Ade,

    You is Rad, for sure! I enjoyed the compilation very much thank you and I’ll be keeping track of your playlists from now on. Cheers for the free musac – always a pleasure to hear new stuff without major expenditure being a rabid music fan and all.

    I’ve been meaning to check out the Decemberists for some time now and inadvertantly (without actually realising) already have acquired one of their tracks from t’internet. The track in question is the first on your playlist, although it’s in dramatically different, remix form by Joanna Newsom; a sampler from SXSW 2005. V cool : ) Give me an e-mail if you would like to hear it dude.

    Peace out from Leeds UK.

  2. Milkshake Says:

    I like to check out your playlists

  3. Heather Says:


    It is true that Liz has hooked her co-workers on your rad compilations. Your mix is regularly blaring out our doors and down the hallway. More please?

  4. adrian Says:

    Heather, thanks for listening. There’ll be a new one in mid-September. It’s a monthly thing.

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