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indie rock concert drinking game

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1 drink (sip) if:

  • any member of the band says “thank you” or “thanks”
  • the band asks you to applaude for the opening act
  • the band illicits applause by mentioning the headlining act
  • the band mentions the name of the town the concert is in
  • each time you see someone wearing a winter hat inside
  • each time you see someone wearing a hoodie or jacket inside
  • the band says “this is a song about…” or something to that approximation

2 drinks if:

  • a tall guy stands right in front of you
  • the band is selling something hand-made at the merch table
  • the band mentions drinking or buying alcohol
  • the band responds to someone yelling from the audience
  • the band ironically covers a mainstream song

3 drinks if:

  • band asks for a place to sleep while on stage
  • an audience member buys the band something to drink
  • the band gets in an argument with a heckler
  • the band seriously covers a mainstream song
  • the band covers a song by another act on the bill

Am I missing any here?

3 Responses to “indie rock concert drinking game”

  1. Meredith Says:

    One of the band members walks off the stage into the audience and doesn’t touch/bump into anyone.

  2. andy (not andyl) Says:

    Oh man!@ I could make people get wasted, just by walking around@!

    One drink for each of the band members who is sporting a Will Oldham beard.

  3. Colin Says:

    How about 1 drink if any of the band members removes any article of clothing, either before taking the stage or during the show. I saw Don Caballero one time and Damon Che took off his pants before taking the stage and played the whole show in his boxers. Maybe that should be like 3 drinks…

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