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netvideo roundup

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If you haven’t seen them there are some funny or awesome videos floating around.

The band Ok Go managed to make one of the most entertaining videos (QT WMV) I’ve seen recently simply with a few rented treadmills and a borrowed video camera. That is some serious choreography. They also choreographed a back yard dance routine for one of their other videos (QT WMV). It’s not quite as entertaining, but it’s still fun.

Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager has a title that speaks for itself.

The “Chinese Backstreet Boys” are a couple Chinese college students who record video of themselves while animatedly singing along to Backstreet Boys songs. I Want It That Way is pretty great while As Long As You Love Me is more for completists.

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  1. Milkshake Says:

    I love Ok Go – I’m proud to say I saw their backyard dance the very first time they did it live.

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