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bicycling from menlo park to SF

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I rode my bike to the Golden Gate Park in the City today. It was a pretty good ride.

Here’s the route I took:
CaÑada road to 92.
92 briefly to Skyline
after the bridge over the San Mateo creek, I went onto the Sawyer Camp Trail
Sawyer Camp ends and pushes you under the 280. Left on the next road and then left under 280 at the first opportunity.
Back onto the trail until it ends, spitting you out on skyline/ 35.
35 [1] to the Great American Highway[2].
the Great American Highway takes you to the left (west) edge of Golden Gate Park.

[1] The part on 35 was the scariest. It’s a freeway for a short period with a medium-sized shoulder and a speed limit of 50 so lots of fast moving cars. This also has the steepest sections of the ride.
[2] There’s a path on the side of the Great American Highway that I’d recommennd. The road’s rough there.

It totaled 37.44 miles according to my bike computer.

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