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nyc2: tourism

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I was a bit of a tourist in NYC.

Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Empire State Building require standing in security lines. The Brooklyn Bridge is monitored. This is a different age we live in.

The Bridge was pretty cool to walk across. I like that the walkway is suspended and in the middle of the bridge. It’s a cool thing to do, to walk across it. The east to west direction perhaps has better views, probably.

The Met is cool pretty much only in that it has a collection of baseball cards and it has Washington Crossing the Delaware (which is oft imitated by me).

The Guggenheim seems to be cool but I was unimpressed by Zaha Hadid’s work, which is the main exhibit currently.

The Cooper-Hewitt is the national design museum. It had paintings (about travel and tourism). Paintings are not design. Graphic design is design. Product design is design. Paintings are not design. I think I need to write a letter.

The Moma was cool. I liked the third floor (I guess) a lot: architecture, design and photography. The design section had what was supposed to be in the Cooper-Hewitt: lots of neat product design. The photography exhibit was great too.

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