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more evidence that I’m stupid

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I apparently flew across the country to sit in the same heat wave that I hated in California a week and a half ago.

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  1. Ray Says:

    I couldn’t find an email address so I resorted to leaving a comment on a completely off-topic thread.

    I read that you considered/pondered adding the vibrato mod to your 206A Wurly. Wondering if you’ve gone ahead with it, and how it turned out. Is this the VintageVibe mod they sell? Or just parts based on the schematics? How difficult is it?


  2. adrian Says:

    Hi Ray,

    I did at the vibrato mod to some 206A’s. At first I used the official Wurlitzer parts (from Morelock Organ Supply. the kit is about $28) but now I use just parts. If you have just one to do, I’d use the kit. It’s pretty easy to do.

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