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go metric: time

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What’s with having 12 months? Does that make sense at all? Years and days make sense–they are determined by the behavior of the earth, but months? That’s just silly. I vote for ten 36.5 day months.

And while we’re at it, 24 hours? Why not 22 or 28. At least 28 is a perfect number. All 24 has going for it is that game [1]. Come on, split up the day into 10 hours, each of which would have 10 minutes, each of which would have 864 seconds [2].

Throw out those old archaic systems. Who’s with me?

[1] It is a fun game. Who’s up for a 24 tourney when I get back??
[2] No, not 10 seconds. The second is already the SI unit of time.

6 Responses to “go metric: time”

  1. Sarah Louise Says:

    I knew there was another reason I liked the #28. I should get you and Max (my beau) together–this is exactly the kind of conversation I listen to…except that his thing is prime numbers. 2 is a prime number. I’ve picked that up. The rest, I fear is “goobly gook, goobly gook, goobley gook…”

    And I imagine folks that get paid monthly would rise up in arms against your 36.5 day plan.

    I so often forget that US is one of the few non-metric nations.

    The nit-picker that I let out only on special occasions would like to point out that both of your footnotes are labeled [1] in the text proper.

    But hey, loving that article on the #28.

  2. mim Says:

    The french revolution is with you! The swatch corporation is with you! The Chinese are with you!

  3. Colin Says:

    No. I like being able to say that I’m heading down to the pub for a “swift pint”. I am *not* saying “swift half-liter”. Ok, I never actually say “swift pint”, but I like the idea that I could.

  4. dolphio Says:

    I believe someone has beat you to it:

    Re: Colin, but think of the posibilities of changing the names: “A Swift Hogshead,” how cool does that sound. Hope you’re bringing some friends though.

  5. Colin Says:

    All my friends are already at the pub. I like to go where everyone knows my name…

  6. Colonial Governor Says:

    You are not really serious, the month approximates cycles of moon phases, and the menstruation of women. You western gregorian male chauvinist. The Chinese are not w/ you.

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