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go metric: time

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What’s with having 12 months? Does that make sense at all? Years and days make sense–they are determined by the behavior of the earth, but months? That’s just silly. I vote for ten 36.5 day months.

And while we’re at it, 24 hours? Why not 22 or 28. At least 28 is a perfect number. All 24 has going for it is that game [1]. Come on, split up the day into 10 hours, each of which would have 10 minutes, each of which would have 864 seconds [2].

Throw out those old archaic systems. Who’s with me?

[1] It is a fun game. Who’s up for a 24 tourney when I get back??
[2] No, not 10 seconds. The second is already the SI unit of time.

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