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a little under an hour

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More Hong Kong action.

I’m blogging a lot.

I haven’t been talking very much.

I was in the United States today, for a little under an hour. (If I wanted to do that annoying blogger outlandish-statement-now-I’ll-explain-the-situation thing, I’d say “You see…” Actually, I am sort of doing that thing to an extent but not that much and at least I’m conscious of it, right?) I went to the U.S. consulate today to get some extra pages put in my passport. (Read here if you’re still confused.) Originally I was going to do it in January when I’m back in the States, send it off to the authorities and get it back a couple weeks later. Then it was going to be Tokyo in November, then I realized it should be Hong Kong so it because my one and only to-do item for my time here in Hong Kong. It took a little under an hour. I’ve never had to get pages added before but I’ve been crossing borders at an unprecedented rate.

They’re running public service announcements here encouraging parents to give their kids space and not to smother them. There’s also one about bird flu.

I went back to Stanley Market today. On the way there, I passed the building with the giant hole in it (for the dragon to get through on his way from the mountain to the sea) in Repulse Bay and took the same photo I took of it in 1997. At the Stanley Market, I very nearly bought a name chop at the very same stall I bought one at in 1997, but I decided that I hadn’t used that only once (save one letter to my friend Sam) and I really didn’t need two name chops I wasn’t using. Practicality beats out sentimentality…this time at least.

Speaking of stuff, I’ve bought a couple small things in every place I’ve been and now I’m realizing it may be a problem when it’s time to leave. I might have to throw out some stuff.

Michael Clayton was pretty good. I mean, it was dramatic and suspenseful and everything it was supposed to be. I’m not sure if it was long-lasting good, though. Good for those two hours, though.

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