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chinese medicine and hot fuzz

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So yesterday I spent a lot of the day staying near the bathroom. My body must have been purging something (perhaps salad washed in unfiltered water). Anyway, there was some hilarity to the day.

I need something to take care the of the situation, some Immodium AD. I didn’t have any and they don’t carry Immodium AD at the nearby pharmacies. I went to the pharmacy and they’re like “can I help you” turns out they don’t speak any more English than that I managed to indicate that ti’s a stomach problem so they start showing me medicines and pointing to the “English” on the packaging and looking at me expectantly. Well the “English” was stuff like “Zheng Way Pian”. I thought for a moment I might have suffered some sort of brain damage that makes normal English look like nonsensical words.

Turns out the medicine manufacturers simply don’t know English either.

I told the pharmacy girls, “yeah, that’s not English” and left. Eventually I got someone from the hotel to go down to the pharmacy with me (there are some benefits to staying in a schmancy hotel) and get me what I needed.

In other news, Hot Fuzz (which you can’t mention without saying it’s made by the Shaun of the Dead people) is really good. It’s a send-up of buddy cop movies, but it’s also a perfect buddy cop movie itself. And it’s really really funny. Highly recommended.

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