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women and the bus

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My daily bus, bus #902, has a high female-to-male ratio, maybe about 10-to-1 or 15-to-1.

For a couple weeks I thought about how all the ladies must be completely in love with me.

But then I began thinking about why there might be such a ratio. My best guess is something along these lines: in Taiwan it’s more common for a couple or family to have one (or no) cars than two. Because of the norms, the husband would be seen as the one that “needs” the car so the wife is left to take the bus.

Some families, I’m sure, have a car and a scooter–there are scooters everywhere here–but a lot of the companies along the bus route tend toward white-collar and I’m not sure how much people ride scooters in business dress, so I think the bus is perhaps a preferable option.

Either that or the bus has a sign that says “females only” and I just can’t read it because it’s in Chinese.

red sox lose, I lose my redsox hat

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Their first lost of the post-season was the first game of the post-season I was able to watch in its entirety. They lost in 11 innings. It was a good game for most of it. Hopefully they’ll pick it up next game.

I left my Boston Red Sox “authentic” cap in Hong Kong somewhere. I looked but couldn’t find it. I bought that when the Sox were 4 outs from being out of the post-season in 2004. I’m a little sad because:
a) they don’t make those hats like that any more:
i) they’re not wool (I believe)
ii) they have a black, rather than grey, underbill.
b) BoSox hats in particular are really hard to break in. It’s very obvious who has a new hat and whose has been worn for a while by how bright the blue is.

If anyone has a line on the last year’s version of the fitted cap in 7 1/4 or 7 3/8 (probably the former, that’s what this hat was, though it was tight till I broke it in), I’m good for it. Remember: wool, grey underbill, “authentic”.

It’s ridiculous to be sad about losing a hat. I acknowledge that.

that didn’t quite translate

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I didn’t get photos of either of these so descriptions will have to do.

1. In a market in Hong Kong where haggling is pretty common, a sign for hats.

No bargain.

2. On a big ad for computers on the side of a building in Taipei:

Performance up to 20%

How a few letters can make all the difference.

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