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red sox lose, I lose my redsox hat

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Their first lost of the post-season was the first game of the post-season I was able to watch in its entirety. They lost in 11 innings. It was a good game for most of it. Hopefully they’ll pick it up next game.

I left my Boston Red Sox “authentic” cap in Hong Kong somewhere. I looked but couldn’t find it. I bought that when the Sox were 4 outs from being out of the post-season in 2004. I’m a little sad because:
a) they don’t make those hats like that any more:
i) they’re not wool (I believe)
ii) they have a black, rather than grey, underbill.
b) BoSox hats in particular are really hard to break in. It’s very obvious who has a new hat and whose has been worn for a while by how bright the blue is.

If anyone has a line on the last year’s version of the fitted cap in 7 1/4 or 7 3/8 (probably the former, that’s what this hat was, though it was tight till I broke it in), I’m good for it. Remember: wool, grey underbill, “authentic”.

It’s ridiculous to be sad about losing a hat. I acknowledge that.

5 Responses to “red sox lose, I lose my redsox hat”

  1. Sarah Louise Says:

    nevertheless, I hope you find it.

  2. adrian Says:

    I’m back in Taipei. No, it’s gone for good. My best hope is for a new old one.

  3. Sarah Louise Says:

    well, I hope you find one of those, then. (Hope springs eternal?)

  4. Colin Says:

    I might be able to hook you up. I have an authentic BoSox hat that I think I bought in 2003 during the playoffs. It has a grey underbill. I’m not sure about the size, though. It’s either 7 3/8 or 7 1/2. I usually wear 7 5/8 and this hat is almost painfully too small. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I bought it. Anyway, if it’ll work for you, I would be willing to work out a deal. Anyway, when I get home tonight, I’ll check on the size and let you know. I can tell you that it’s definitely not 7 1/4, for what it’s worth. It’s also not that well broken-in, so it might work for you even if it’s not quite as small as your old one.

  5. Colin Says:

    My hat is 7 1/2, which I’m guessing is probably a little too large for you. In case you try to track down an appropriate replacement, I think the hat you’re looking for is made of wool. The new official hats (presumably with the black underbill) are made of polyester. I think this is the old “official” cap. It seems like they still make it, but it’s just not considered official anymore.

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