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Covers contest, entries #6, song #7, results #5

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The songs for this week was Shape of my Heart by the Backstreet Boys. (Original here).

The entries are as follows:

Some good stuff there.

Listen and vote.

The song for covers contest #7 is Consequence by the Notwist. (Original mp3 here).

The results for last week’s votes (for covers of Flying Pizza by Swearing at Motorists).
Best Cover:
Adrian 1
Andy 1
Dave 2

Most Original Cover:
Adrian 3
Andy 1
Dave 0

I’d like to point out that Andy did not submit a cover so even though I left him in the poll (out of sheer convenience) whoever voted for his cover is dumb.

In other news, Dave and I are the big winners, though Andy was apparently more original than dave when not submitting a cover at all. OH SNAP, dave!

8 Responses to “Covers contest, entries #6, song #7, results #5”

  1. ChazSecretAdmirer Says:

    I thought Andy’s submission of “silence” was truly moving. It is a social comentary on how much noise is in our day to day lives. What a revolutionary!

  2. gillian Says:

    Just for the record, that was not me who voted for Andrew last week when he didn’t submit a song. (I KNOW YOU ALL THINK IT WAS!!!@)

    I think it was ChazSecretAdmirer.

    haha. Chaz.

  3. Jesse Says:

    I’ve never heard of chaz or gillian!!@ what a wonderful world!!@ I hope gillian has an island!!@

  4. Adrian Says:

    Andy is actually Charles Andrew. Charles ->Chaz.

    Gillian is his girlfriend.

    She is apparently nice and not too crazy.

  5. andy (not andyl) Says:

    She does not, however, have an island. At least not one that I know about.

  6. Jesse Says:

    you made the game no fun

  7. gillian Says:

    You forgot that I am super hot.

    PS. I do so have an island.

  8. Dolphio Says:

    Not as hot as ChazSecretAdmirer!!

    (Oops, did I just blow my cover?)

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