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Cover contest, results for #3, entries for #4, original for #5

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Results for contest #3 which was Sassafras Roots by Green Day (Original).
Best Cover:
Adrian 1
Andy 1
Dave 2

Most Original Cover:
Adrian 3
Andy 0
Dave 1

So it looks like Dave takes the best cover and my all-casio rendition takes the most original.

Here are the entries for this week:

The original is Suspicious Minds by Elvis.

Please listen and vote for the best and most original. I’d like to get the voting numbers up a little after a slightly disappointing showing last week.

The song for contest #5 is Flying Pizza by Swearing at Motorists (original). Take a listen. Just a reminder that though the songs are chosen by Andy, Dave and I, anyone can enter. Entries are due next Monday night at midnight.

[Update:] Anyone have ideas for new or different voting categories? Are the current ones good or would something else be better? Or should I add categories?

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