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like candy for kids

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A guy at work really loves eating peanut butter. He keeps a bottle in the fridge and will eat spoonfuls at a time. (He’s also on a high protein/ fat, low carb diet, so even if he didn’t love peanut butter, it might still be a viable snack that he would have.) He says it’s like candy for him.

I gave him crap for it, but he said that everyone has their thing that they just love.

I was thinking that there’s no better snack than peanut m&m’s and a dr. pepper, but I don’t know if there are any foods I have a total weakness for. I think maybe my brother‘s may be chocolate cake. If a restaurant has a chocolate cake, he’ll probably have it.

So what are your weaknesses? Anyone have any odd ones?

all time winners of the covers contest

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This guy has compiled a bunch of mp3s of indie darlings doing top 40 hits. Some are pretty great.

(I don’t know if any will be as good as Andy’s version of Shape of My Heart—not to show favorites or anything).

playlist for this week

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it’s right here.

you can listen right here.

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