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good web game for nerds, germans

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This web game where you have to do various geometric things by eye–finding midpoints of lines, convergence of three lines, sides of a parallelogram–is pretty addicting, at least for me. My natural talents apparently, lie more in bisecting angles than finding the center point between three edges of a triangle.

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  1. Jesse Says:

    What was your score the first time you played?

    Upgrade ideas:
    1) keyboard support. (my mousing is very inaccurate)
    2) time-weighted scores. (I already tried doing it as fast as I could. my score was worse, but not terrible.)

  2. adrian Says:

    My first score was 3.44, I think.

    Good suggestions on the upgrades. I didn’t have too much accuracy with my trackpad.

  3. Colin Says:

    My first score was 2.76 with a ThinkPad trackpoint. I tried it a second time and got 1.76, again with a trackpoint. Certainly, taking more time will produce better scores – especially in situations where you have to estimate multiple distances or angles, like in the triangle center and convergence tests.

  4. Eugene Says:

    Now everyone is talking about the American economy and eclections, nice to read something different. Eugene

  5. Colin Says:

    How did you find that site? I just discovered it independently after looking for info on the possibility of using a flat-bed scanner instead of film on an 8×10 view camera. The same guy built a rotating camera with a scanner element inside:

    He’s done a bunch of interesting projects, including writing the program for parsing exif data (Jhead) that’s used by the open-source photo website engine Gallery. He’s got a list of his projects here:

  6. adrian Says:

    I think someone had a link in their status message, perhaps. That’s pretty cool about flatbed scanner camera.

  7. Colin Says:

    Yeah, I guess this stuff is a few years old, but I found a few pages on using entire flatbed scanners or only their imaging elements in view cameras, panoramic cameras and slit-scan cameras.

    Best view camera stuff: and

    Best panoramic/slit-scan:

    General but using panoramic/slit-scan technique:

    All of these things have given me plenty to think about.

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