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cold[1], beautiful

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Yesterday morning I saw my breathe for the first time in many months. It’s getting brisker here, but it’s overall still pretty warm compared to the eastern provinces.

The sunrise that morning, seen from the 2nd deck of Caltrain, starting around Millbrae or San Mateo and developing through Redwood City was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen[2]. The photo on my camera phone failed to capture it. It was red-orange on a light blue sky with plenty of wispy clouds, the kind that tend to spread the colors of a sunrise/set so nicely.

[1] Not really cold by any real standards. Just chillier than a few weeks ago.

[2] Just because waking up before dawn is generally the domain of crazy people, I usually avoid it. As such, I haven’t actually seen that many sunrises.

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