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alcatraz swim, 1.8

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A couple weeks ago Saturday my dad and I did the Alcatraz swim. It was the second time for me.

the swimmers at the orientation

My elbow’s been hurting for weeks so besides some kicking in the pool I hadn’t swam since the end of August. My elbow hurts a bit more now. Otherwise, the swim went decently. I sighted better and picked a better route (important because of the currents) than last time. I came in 2 minutes faster than last time.

Yeah, my pop beat me by 13.something minutes. 55:01 for me and 41:15 for him. He’s still speedy.

It was really cold, but you only notice for the first few minutes. Last time I swam Alcatraz I had quite a bit more–let’s say–insulation. But it was warmer (63 vs varied reports of 57 to 60). The currents were present but not too hard to handle. I swam a conservative route so I ended up west of the opening of aquatic park, despite a west-to-east current, but only maybe 200 yards upstream, which is far better than ending up 100yards down current, for instance (which I did last time).

my pop, wet-suit clad

swimmers walking toward the boat

mom and dad enroute the boat

mom and dad passing fisherman’s wharf

how much do 12 bottles of beer weigh?

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I didn’t see this info on the internet, so I’m adding it. 12 (glass) bottles of beer in a carton weigh 16.0 lb by our measurement.

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