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this is my favorite…fork

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“This is my favorite” is a new series in which I show you my favorite things. I am going to start with kitchen items.

This is my favorite fork. It gives me joy when it’s in the drawer when I go to get a fork. It has clean and attractive lines.

The spork resemblance has been noted, but I didn’t actually see it until someone pointed it out.

It is a marked “US” “United Silver Co.” and “Stainless Japan”.

3 Responses to “this is my favorite…fork”

  1. libs Says:

    How could you not have seen that it looks like a spork?

    The drinking glass is next right? (Please explain how soda in glass is better, please? It is almost as entertaining as you talking about the “lines” of flatware.)

  2. Alex Says:

    libs: Do you mean “soda in a glass” vs “soda in a can”? I can’t speak for Adrian, but I prefer glasses in that case for their visual interest and wider access to the beverage’s aroma :-/.

  3. mim Says:

    That’s a good one! I had a favorite spoon and fork at my place and I’d always try to get them, but I think they belonged to my roommate who just moved out, so I won’t get to use them any more. They were kind of similar, but instead of having a smooth finish, they had a hammered looking finish. And instead of a square end, they had round ends.

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