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I tried my hand at high speed photography courtesy of quake electronics

It started 10:30 last Sunday morning. I was still in bed and my other friend Dave gave me a call. The Maker Fair was great, he said, and that it’d be worth a trip to San Mateo to see it, so I headed out and met him there a little while later.

I got there and he was right. It was pretty awesome. I saw a bunch of really cool things, like what is below. I also got to hang out with the awesome folks at instructables, try my hand at welding (with the tech shop people), try high speed photography (see above), see some incredible and cool robots, talk to some interesting folks and eat a funnel cake. The presenters ranged from middle school kids who made lego robots to octogenarians with hand made, very precise engines that ran. All in all, if you have any geek in you, I’d recommend going to the Maker Fair next time.

Tesla coil!

A really cool cart with all mechanical, hand-cranked, hand-made mechanisms/ toys/ displays:

A really cool stylized sculpture with moving engine parts in the head:

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