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4 things necessary for cold open-water swimming

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I went for a 3/4 mile swim in Aquatic Park today and I was reminded of some necessities for cold open-water swimming:

  • silicone ear plugs: keeping cold water out of your ears helps keep you warm
  • barracuda hot head neoprene swim cap: keeping your head warm helps keep you warm
  • bodyglide: sounds dirty, but actually it’s just to stop chaffing. I use it in my arm pits mainly. (especially useful for salt-water swims)
  • a swim suit: really, I recommend a swim suit for all swimming, just for modesty’s sake. I mean, really, you don’t want people to see everything.

Oh, and one more thing. So this is actually “5 things…”

  • goggles: these things keep water out of your eyes

One optional other recommendation if you aren’t doing so well in the far sighted department:

  • corrective lens googles: if you’re sighting off a far-off object, being able to see it helps. These goggles are relatively cheap and pretty comfortable.

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