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just reminding myself that I’m not actually really tired right now despite the fact that it sure feels that way

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I’ve been tired before. Back when I was at that place, I had weeks on end that were a complete haze, working on problem sets, projects, soldering until 4am then waking up at 7am so I could be at the machine shop at 7:45am when it opened so I could beat the rush.

There were times I was tired enough that I didn’t notice I was moving the tool into a piece of brass on the lathe axially instead of radially and I cut the piece in two and had to beg for replacement stock.

There were times when I was sitting in class and—dozing off in class was quite normal for me, even the over-caffeinated me—that I just woke up and the class was over. There was no head drooping and then waking with a nod repeatedly or really any idea or memory that I was dozing off. I was sitting there, taking notes and then, suddenly, I was waking up and the class was over.

I used to consider the amount of sleep I got last night a good night’s sleep. You got it pretty easy, boy.

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