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thanks, friend

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I have interesting friends.

At an engagement party/ shinding tonight.

me, to the engaged: Congratulations!

him: you don’t look fat!

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  1. Colin Says:

    If you said “Congratulations” to the woman, you made an albeit subtle social blunder. From here:
    [The] Most common mistake people make when greeting the newly-wedded couple is to greet the bride a bright and cheerful “Congratulations,” and to pump the groom’s hand along with a booming “Best wishes.” Why is this a mistake at all? When you greet the bride with a “Congratulations,” it is tantamount to saying, “Hey, Congratulations… you just got yourself a great man!” Traditionally, in a society where men still woo women, it is not the bride who is lucky enough to have snagged the groom, but it is the groom who is the lucky one to have had the lady for his bride. Greet the bride “Best wishes,” and the groom, “Congratulations!”

    The above obviously refers directly to wedded couples, but the argumentation is also valid for engaged couples

    The guy’s statement still seems like a non-sequitur…
    Are they still engaged?

  2. sarah louise Says:


    Thanks Colin–I knew what the correct wording was (it was both in the book and movie “In Her Shoes”) but not the reasoning, which makes perfect sense.


  3. Milkshake Says:

    I’ve always found this rule to be most sexist. For men it’s like “Congratulations – what you really deserve is a lifetime of cold hard lonliness but you bagged a hot piece of ass – way to go!”

    And for the girl it’s like “best wishes – all men are scum – they will lie, cheat and make you their slaves – good luck with that one!”

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