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I’m my father’s son

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My dad’s German and extremely efficient. I’m not German.

However, I do like efficiency. I was quite chuffed with myself today when I figured out the most efficient route to do all my errands: swim, then KZSU, then haircut, then picking up my glasses. It is almost all right turns with the only left turns coming at 4 way stops and a fast-cycling traffic light with a left turn arrow. It also allowed for enough time for my hair to dry after the swim and before the hair cut.

Yeah, these are seriously the sort of things I think about. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks about path efficiency.

tax fun

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Passive activity credit?? You mean I can get credit for sitting on the couch and watching TV? That’s awesome!@!

they wrote a paper on that?

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Wikipedia has everything. Including Bristol Stool Scale.

[Update: Graphic removed; it was too…graphic.]

A couple guys (professorial types) in Bristol wrote a paper on it. Goodness.

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