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I didn’t know it could hurt like that: the last 6 days of pain

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Last week I sent out my goals for triathlon training for this week (my training weeks go Saturday-Friday for this, for whatever reason).

They were and how I did:

  • swimming:
    • goal: 1-1.5 miles
    • actual: 2x 0.75 miles = 1.5 miles
  • running:
    • goal: 8.5 miles
    • actual: 2x 3.0 miles + 1 X 2.5-2.6 miles = 8.5 miles
  • biking:
    • goal: at least 15 miles
    • actual: 1x 15.0 miles (+4x 1.65 miles to/ from work) = 15.0 or 21.6 miles, depending what you count
  • brick (bike then run):
    • goal: at least one
    • actual: today 15 miles biking then 2.5 miles running w/ ~ 3 minutes transition time

The brick was a whole new experience for me. I’d only biked and run in the same day once before and those were hours apart. It feels very strange to do that to your legs. They’re already tired and then you ask them to do a different and (for me) more painful movement. The feeling was assaulting. It wasn’t pain necessarily, not acute pain at least, but just a general feeling of wanting to not be running at that moment and tiredness in my legs.

I know it’s no great physical feat and wasn’t about to collapse, but I’m not quite sure how I did it. I certainly wanted to give up. I think it was very mental: if I couldn’t do that today, then I certainly couldn’t ready and do a triathlon. I had to prove it to myself.

Really one of the things that got me through the run part of the brick was the great album from Beatbeat Whisper which I just posted about on my music blog.

Next week, I should do something like:

  • swimming: 1.5-2.0 miles
  • running: 9.5-10.5 miles
  • bicycling: 15.0-22.0 miles
  • brick: at least one

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