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thursdays are for pain or another week of tri training

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I’m training for one of the Alcatraz triathlons. Today and last Thursdays I’ve done biking and running in a row and it has hurt. Today was slightly better than the last, I think.

What I did:

  • swimming:
    • goal: 1.5-2.0 miles
    • actual: 2x 1.0 miles = 2.0 miles
  • running:
    • goal: 9-10.5 miles
    • actual: 2x 3.5 miles + 1 X 3.0 miles = 10 miles
  • biking:
    • goal: at least 15 miles
    • actual: 1x 16.0 miles (+5x 1.65 miles to/ from work) = 16.0 or 23.2 miles, depending what you count
  • brick (bike then run):
    • goal: at least one
    • actual: today 16 miles biking then 3 miles running w/ ~ 3 minutes transition time

I bought one of these this week. It was nice to have water on the longer runs, especially when I’m in the sun. It think it’ll also be nice to have if I decide to do something like run to the pool, swim, and then run back. It has a little pocket where I can keep my keys and maybe one of those gel/ goo/ power shot sort of things.

Next week, I should do something like:

  • swimming: 2.0 miles
  • running: 10-11 miles
  • bicycling: 15.0-22.0 miles
  • brick: at least one

I don’t want to over do it. I have been starting to ache quite a bit, both muscularly and in joints and tendons and whatnot, so I’m not going to push it much this week.

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