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Miranda July’s new website for her book No One Belongs Here More Than You is lo-fi (so to speak), reminding me, actually, of spultek’s old website which was scanned from a hand sketch. She made the entire website by taking photos of a “whiteboard.” It’s a good idea and great execution.

Miranda’s the same person who wrote, directed and acted in the quirky and funny 2005 film Me and You and Everyone We Know. I’d recommend it.

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  1. sarah louise Says:


    totally unrelated to this post but I’m not going to go searching for the post, since it’s like four months old–I finally got the Phil Spector Back to Mono (it was tied to an order of an item that’s coming out, and now that item has been even more delayed, so they decided to ship the other items in the order…hence the delay.) WOW! The 96 page book is very cool–thanks for the recommendation.


  2. Colin Says:

    That website is sweet. Since I’m TAing a class this semester and spend a lot of time at the blackboard, I’d be tempted to make one with chalk. I’d actually love an excuse to go back to image maps – remember those – where segments of an image would link to stuff. I used to have an editor that would help you make things like that. I wonder if anyone still uses image maps.

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