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links links, vol 247

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Apparently, the Nike Airs that Marty wore in Back to the Future II might be release. Honestly, the thought makes me grin.

ESPN Page 2 has a great and extensive story about rabbit chasing/ catching in rural Florida and about how it makes the football players there fearless and fast. When I was young, maybe 7, my parents told me that if I could put salt on a rabbit’s tail, I could catch it. (They figured that if I could get close enough to put salt on a rabbit’s tale, I was close enough to catch it, my mom later told me when I confronted her with this.) So, of course, I spent days chasing rabbits around our yard with a salt shaker. Those things are really fast. I can imagine this would make you fast, especially if you do it in mud.

Both from Mefi.

2 Responses to “links links, vol 247”

  1. Mummy Says:

    Thanks for the chuckle!!

  2. Michael Says:

    The stuff on Digg (which was re-posted on metafilter and other sites) was not fact checked at all. The shoes are not being released. That’s why there’s an official website of the McFLY 2015 project,

    P.S.: The fakes are not sneakers! They’re fakes made by some kid in his mom’s basement.

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