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they wrote a paper on that?

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Wikipedia has everything. Including Bristol Stool Scale.

[Update: Graphic removed; it was too…graphic.]

A couple guys (professorial types) in Bristol wrote a paper on it. Goodness.

5 Responses to “they wrote a paper on that?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So you’re actively trying to drive away your readers now? Success!

  2. Colin Says:

    The description of type 4 is funny to me because when my mother-in-law potty trained her kids, she told them to try to “make snakes”. When my daughter was potty training, she used to refer to them as caterpillars – a term she coined herself.

  3. Sarah Louise Says:

    well, hey, as a children’s librarian, I can readily say (it’s a book title) “Everybody poops!”

  4. libs Says:

    Indeed, Everybody Poops, what a great children’s story! And how true: everybody poops! Except, apparently, disapproving anonymous commenters.

  5. Colin Says:

    I’ll have to look into “Everybody Poops” – I haven’t seen that one. We do, however, have “The Gas We Pass”, which is a ripping (groan!) good yarn about flatulence. Teaching kids about normal bodily functions is hilarious.

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