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Announcing! January 2007 Mix Tape (vol. 7!)

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I’m almost hitting mid-month on this one. It’s a bit hard to believe that this is the seventh online mixtape already. I hope you’re enjoying them. In a way, they’re a lot of work, but a lot of it (finding the music, making the playlist) has become part of my routine.

You can download the zip file with the following:
1. mp3s of the songs
2. liner notes
3. playlist files (iTunes txt file and an m3u file)

(for the iTunes file, simply import all the songs to your library and then go to file->import and then select the song list. you should now have the 2007january playlist in your iTunes with all the songs in the correct order).

If you want to read the liner notes before downloading the whole thing, they’re here. It’s mostly smaller indie bands this month, with a couple bigger names thrown in and one Motown song.

Adrian’s January 2007 mix tape [zip file]

This’ll be up for a limited time (~1 week) before being moved to a password protected folder.

If you like the artists or songs, I suggest supporting them by buying their music, going to a show, buying merchandise from them or at least telling other people about them.

I like all the mixtapes I make. I like the songs on this one.

February’s mix tape (to be released valentines day-ish) is going to be mostly love songs of various sorts. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

[Update:] I once again messed up the m3u file. Jesse fixed it (m3u file).

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    […] Also when you get the iTunes working again it will scramble your mixes. So, like, say you have seven or so carefully crafted mixes, they will be completely ruined. And you will have to find and reorder the songs by hand. Or delete them and then download and re-import each playlist, double checking each mix to be sure no songs were missed. It is basically DISASTROUS. […]

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    […] Grab the January mix tape while you can; I’ll be moving it to a password protected folder tomorrow (or Wednesday). […]

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