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lifestats, part II

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Notice anything new about the page?

Look to the right over there…

After Randy’s comment on my post about being inspired to keep track of some life stats for 2007, I was further inspired to put up some of the stats in more or less real time. So there they are. Are there any other stats you want to see? The full list of stats that I’m tracking:

  • emails sent (home/ work)
  • miles travelled
  • wikipedia pages read
  • beers consumed
  • work days
  • photos taken (digital/ film)
  • albums purchased
  • concerts attended
  • books read
  • movies seen (theater/ netflix)
  • hours of TV
  • haircuts
  • shaves
  • miles biked
  • miles ran
  • miles swam

Originally I was going to do this literally updating every time you loaded the page, but that made the page really slowly (even slower than it loads already), so I decided to write up a caching system where it only loads the new data every six hours. I might adjust this if it makes sense to.

The script checks to see if the cache is older than 6 hours old and if so pulls some data from a google spreadsheet. Otherwise, it writes the old data into the html that you see on the right. I’ll probably write up a full post or a instructable of how I did all this sometime when I have more time.

I’m going Web2.0 all over this place!@

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