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links links links, part 1: random links

There are a few links I’ve been meaning to put up. Things I find interesting but I don’t want to add to the sidebar on the right.

Random links:

  • designverb: a blog about design related topics, largely product design and the like. fairly interesting stuff.
  • rbally has a nice Cat Power show from Berlin for download [update: rbally seems to have taken this down/ broken]
  • youtube has a great chemistry lab safety video explosion. (dylan, are you seeing this?)
  • bitsandpieces silly college humor, but sometimes entertaining
  • wikipedia has a list of African countries by GDP (adjusted for purchasing power parity) per capita. South Africa’s on top, but barely. For reference, the US is 3rd in the world for GDP (PPP) per capita at about $42,000.
  • oregon trail is it possible you haven’t played this game? there are even shirts about it. And you can download an emulated version
  • Tom Wilson I feel like I should add him to my list of best producers. He did Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Velvet Underground and more

links links links, part 2: best of best of

[This was going to be one post with the above part 1 and below part 3, but it was too much, so I split them up]
There was recently the kottke best links of 2006. Here are some of my favorites from that list (including some I’ve seen/ linked to before):

links links links, part 3: the rest of the best (already seen)

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There were a number of the links on that kottke best links of 2006 list that I had already seen, but I’d enjoyed.

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