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good local band: Our Lady of the Highway

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In the comments of my Rogue Wave benefit post, Mie from Our Lady of the Highway (who I saw open for Zach Rogue’s solo gig over the summer.) She sent me links to a few songs which I listened to.

OLofH is sort of hard to pinpoint as to what they sound like. They sort of stradle a lot of sounds: indie rock, alt country, dareIsayemo, folk, classic rock. “I get the sense” is a cool song with some Built to Spill-ish stylings. It’s a single off of their latest album and sounds sort of singley (that’s not always bad).

Our Lady of the Highway – I Get the Sense (mp3)

“Brown Dress” is folkie sort of song with a dark, distorted side. Man, I’m horrible with these descriptions.

Our Lady of the Highway – Brown Dress (mp3)

How local are they? They’re based in SF, I believe, but it appears Mie works around the corner at Stanford.

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