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jv radio

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My playlist for tonight.

John Vanderslice also did a little call in (mp3) to promote a show he’s doing on Stanford’s campus next Thursday, October 12. We ended up chatting on the air for a bit.

D80 on its way

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I just ordered the Nikon D80, body only. I’m pretty excited.


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It’s raining right now; I can hear it on the roof. It’s supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. It was supposed to rain last night and this morning and I found myself wanting to go to bed so I could wake up sooner to see the rain—it was like Christmas in anticipation. It hasn’t rain in Menlo Park since May. This is every summer in Palo Alto/ Menlo Park: no rain, highs of 72-88 for pretty much the whole thing. I love it.

Most vague and least useful headline on today’s google news frontpage

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Airbus A380 woes may or may not help Boeing

4 sometimes painful things I’m glad I did

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  • Took a train across the country (Boston to Emeryville)
  • Cycled around Lake Tahoe
  • MIT
  • Lived in Germany

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