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liveblogging the ALCS A’s-Tigers, Game #1

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I am undecided as to whether I’ll liveblog this game as well. We’ll see. Check back here early in the game and see if I’m updating or not.

4:23pm. I made good time to the south hayward BART after leaving work late. I’m taking BART because I decided that it definitely wasn’t worth trying to mess with traffic and parking around the stadium again. looks like I’ll get to the stdium with plenty of time.

4:47pm. I’m at my seat. wooo. I like being here, you know, before the end of the first inning. I’m meeting some people here and they haven’t arrived yet. on the bart we passed either an ambulance storage or sales place and it had the ghostbusters ambulance!!! or one of the same design.

5:25pm tigers go down 1 2 3 in the first

5:44 dug says hhgvcfhgfesth. I say another 1 2 3 inning down the tigers

6:11pm zito got into some trouble in that inning. he didn’t look very good at all. there is a very drunk and somewhat entertaining girl in the next row back. she’s talking about her boobs.

6:37pm white won on the diamind vision dot race. zito got in trouble and another 3 scored before he was pulled. it’s now 0-5.

6:57pm a’s had runners on 2nd and 3rd withno outs and didn’t score. and dead seriously there was just cheering in the bathroom. cheering and chanting and pounding on the wall. and the a’s just retired the tiger’s side.

7:41pm a’s get more on base and don’t score. come on!!

7:56pm alright. I’m all 7th inning stretched now. time to score some runs…

8:17pm another no out, runner in scoring position situation. let me guess the outcome…

8:27pm they finally scored one. there was a seriously bs call at first. they wouldn’t show a replay of it here.

9:08pm on the bart. they lost. oh well.

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